about the artist

With over 30 years of working with stone, Brian Goldbloom is best known as a maker of site-specific constructions for exterior public spaces in granite and other durable stone. He also works in the design and fabrication of unique functional work of both large and small scales. One of the marks of Goldbloom’s work is his fusion of natural stone into the built environment, often in unexpected ways. Frequently sited seamlessly into the architectural context, his work invites viewers to become active participants in the spaces they use. Goldbloom does his own hand-made work to a matchless level of craftsmanship. Accomplished in a wide array of approaches to the use of stone, he utilizes techniques from contemporary to primitive. Skill with stone joinery makes his work a natural fit into architectural contexts, with unlimited potential for architectural details, furniture, sinks, etc. Goldbloom is also experienced in design and fabrication of a wide range of materials, including metals, wood and concrete, and often combines stone with other materials and features, such as light and water. For decades, the artist has collaborated on a regular basis with clients, architects and fellow artists, always with the project’s integrity as the primary concern.